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A love letter


Hey, average gamer:

  • Do you bloody love videogames, maybe even if you’re a bit too old and the washing up pile is massive but if you can just complete that next mission then it’ll all be ok, ish..?
  • Do you read / watch / listen to a bunch of stuff about your chosen hobby, sometimes agreeing,…

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do you ever just realise you’re almost an adult and you have no money 

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No human! NO! UNHAND ME! I SAID UNHA—ugghhhh, fine. Thanks, btw.

Oh, look, Arleen.

Dominion - 1x08 - Arika and Uriel

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Tumblr as a baby


a rebellious teen


awkward puberty stage


young adult


and now, as a mature adult

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dragonmp93 said: Hi, i have been wondering if Missy could be a echo of Clara, do you think it could be possible ?


I absolutely think there’s a huge possibility of it actually being the case, and just as big a possibility as The Master or The Black Guardian (or even The Doctor). Perhaps even more so as she calls The Doctor her boyfriend, especially after the scene in Deep Breath when Clara denies this.

In fact, I think we know exactly which echo it could be…we’ve met her twice, in fact.

As a very clever soul pointed out here (x) check out how Missy is spinning around the fountain:


That’s not very different to this action of The Doctor spinning around his TARDIS console we’ve seen:



Is it?

Could it be a Time Lady and her TARDIS?

Well, we know a Time Lady echo of Clara, don’t we?


That’s right, no humans were allowed on Gallifrey during the time of Invasion Of Time, so the odds are this echo is a Time Lady, no Gallifreyans were in the citadel.

But…how and why would one of Clara’s echoes end up so dark and confusing as Missy appears to be?

Well, I believe something that’s happened following The Name Of The Doctor and The Time Of The Doctor is to blame. It could also explain the Black and White guardians, why there appears to be a game going on…and why our Alpha Clara actually might be in a lot of peril.

Paradoxes are very problematic things in Moffat’s era of Doctor Who. Eleven struggled with them and now it appears Twelve is now not only dealing with his own troubling regeneration, but also something dark lurking around not only himself, but also his beloved Clara.

I’ve furrowed my brow over Clara’s ultimate fate for a while now, I’ve made note that the Time Lady in White from End of Time, Part 1 & 2 special could be/could be one of Clara’s Time Lady echoes.



I pointed out the Time Lady In White, when asked for her identity, responds with:

"I was lost, so very long ago."

Clara asked “Where am I?” and she makes a lot of references to being “lost”. This is very typical behaviour from Clara’s echos actually, it’s the first clue.

Then there’s this:

Wilfred: Oh I think I’m lost.

The Woman in White: And yet you are found. Events are closing. The day is almost upon us. Tell me, old soldier, did you take arms?

Then Clara:

  • Connection to the past few years
  • Connection to the Time Lords.
  • Identity up in the air, but confirmed not to be The Doctor’s mother, however is a Time Lady.
  • Risks traveling through time and space, and even her life, to save The Doctor?

So we have a Time Lady in White that potentially an echo of Clara… and now what do we potentially have?


A Time Lady in Black?

Well, well, well…and I say this with the utmost honesty, this is something I hadn’t fully considered, even though The Woman In White from The End Of Time did make me think of the possibility of her now being Clara.

Remember Clara’s own admission:


She was born to save The Doctor. Like a guardian, watching over him. Her name admits a lot of interesting references to God: "Oswin” Oswald means: God’s friend God rule.

What are the two closest beings in Doctor Who to gods?


One White Guardian, One Black Guardian. Both bearing wings, and look at our lovely Clara’s most frequent accessory:

First there’s the Thunderbird necklace Clara wears, (as seen in The Bells Of Saint John/The Rings Of Akhaten) :


And then there’s the military emblem Clara wears in Nightmare In Silver:


Then the Thunderbird shows up again in The Crimson Horror:


And now, as you mentioned, Clara’s earrings in Robots Of Sherwood:


(I’ve written about Clara’s wings theories and The Guardians here (x) and here (x) if you want to read into greater detail.)

Eyes are also all over the place with Clara. From the moment we first encounter her in Asylum Of The Daleks, peering out of the eye-stalk of The Dalek.


(There’s been a lot of eyes in Moffat’s era of Who.)

There’s a whole theory from doctorwho-theories and moffat-rocks, which I added the paragraph below to, here (x):

The eyes symbolise not only judgment, but observing and watching The Doctor’s every move. Because not all eyes turned upon The Doctor are blind. Not everyone in the universe weighs the judgement upon The Doctor’s actions equally.

And Clara is now wearing a shirt covered with eyes in the upcoming episode:


She’s been observing and watching The Doctor for a long time, (Clara is the ultimate companion, she represents the viewers of Doctor Who) as she notes in The Name Of The Doctor:

CLARA [OC]: I just know I’m running. Sometimes it’s like I’ve lived a thousand lives in a thousand places. I’m born, I live, I die. And always, there’s the Doctor. Always I’m running to save the Doctor again and again and again. (Oi!) And he hardly ever hears me. But I’ve always been there.

So…this is certainly an interesting turn of events, but it begs the question, there were so many echoes of Clara, if the Time Lady echoes transcended (as Time Lords have been said to be able to do,) into Guardian level… why would one be akin to the Black Guardian?

I’ve thought of a guardian connection for a long time now. But is there more to this than simply The Black and White Guardians trying to keep balance in the universe.

Also something to think about: What happened to the other Clara echoes that potentially weren’t Time Ladies?


Because of the value of a queen, it is sometimes used as bait to lure an opponent into a trap by a queen sacrifice, as in a Fool’s mate.

(Spoilers and potential spoilers below the cut)

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